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Our wildlife audit

Water vole

Photo © Environment Agency

The London Biodiversity Audit consists of various audits and statements for London's key habitats and species. Action Plans have since been produced and common issues have been addressed generically. There is an introduction to the Audit below. There are also introductions on the Habitat Audit, Habitat Statement and Species Audit home pages. You can download PDFs of individual Audits and Statements here, or link to the relevant page for a summary of each. You can also download the introduction to the Audit, or even the whole document.

A picture of the biodiversity resource in the area is the first stage in any biodiversity planning process. The London Biodiversity Audit (Volume 1 of the London Biodiversity Action Plan) provides this picture - a framework that led on to habitat, species and land use action plans at the London-wide level. The Audit will evolve and be updated as a result of comments, and the production of more accurate and detailed information. If you have specific comments on the London Biodiversity Audit, please email us.

There are now sixteen habitat audits and four habitat statements for those habitats where information was scarce or not available. These Sections define the habitat, describe the resource in London and identify the major threats and opportunities for conservation - data sources are listed and the rationale and limitations of approach outlined.

The Species Audit identifies by borough species that match one or more defining categories, including their UK Biodiversity Action Plan status or familiarity with Londoners, or being otherwise culturally valued. This has been done for nine major groups. There is a searchable database for many of these species and please note that this database is not the definitive list of all the species found in London- comments and corrections are welcomed.

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Click here to see the latest List of Species of Conservation Concern (SCC)

Download the complete Audit (4.1MB)

Audits intro - PDF
Woodland - PDF
Open Landscapes with Ancient/Old Trees - PDF
Acid Grassland - PDF
Chalk Grassland - PDF
Grassland, Meadows and Pasture - PDF
Heathland - PDF
Grazing Marsh and Floodplain Grassland - PDF
Marshland - PDF
Reedbed - PDF
The Tidal Thames - PDF
Canals - PDF
Ponds, Lakes and Reservoirs - PDF
Churchyards and Cemeteries - PDF
Railway Linesides - PDF
Farmland - PDF
Rivers and Streams - PDF

Habitat Statements intro - PDF
Private Gardens - PDF
Parks, Amenity Grasslands and City Squares - PDF
Urban Wastelands - PDF
Hedgerows - PDF

Species Audit (searchable database)